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As expected, Steve Jobs took to the stage at the close of this years WWDC keynote to introduce the highly anticipated iCloud service.

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Microsoft's keynote was the hot ticket this morning at the E3 Expo, and the company didn't disappoint. While a few had held out hopes for a hardware surprise (the company dominated last year's event with the Kinect motion controller), no such thing was forthcoming from Redmond.

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Kaiser Chiefs' fourth studio album, The Future is Medieval, comes out today - but with a twist. The Chiefs have invited purchasers of the record to assemble and sell their own versions, building an online hub where fans they can find an audience for their personal Medievals.

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OK...I'll get this out of the way upfront. Despite the great reviews it's received, before I'd actually encountered it in person I was suspicious of the rCube. Arcam's a company I know and trust, they build a fantasic line of products (including some impressive all-in-one systems), and they know their wireless and DAC design.

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You've no doubt been poring carefully over our guide to this summer's music festivals. It's time to take a break from planning the next few months, 'cause tickets for Coachella 2012 go on sale this Friday.

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It's proven to be surprisingly difficult to get streaming TV - and we're not talking on-demand stuff, just live, local, over-the-air TV - onto mobile devices.

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Looks like Apple's finally going to let us know what its long-in-the-works cloud storage/music locker/content delivery service is going to look like.

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