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3D - love it or hate it, it's taking over as a mainstream cinema projection format, and the necessity of having 3D projectors on tap has driven many theaters to transition to digital equipment in more of their screening rooms. A better experience for all, right?

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We'd mentioned last month Samsung's plan to distribute two pairs of 3D glasses free with each 3D TV sold after April 24; turns out there were some glitches in the process of getting consumers their glasses, so if you feel you missed out, go ahead and Continue Reading >

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The folks at Irish cable designers RedMere agree with us (and our longtime contributor Geoffrey Morrison) that there's no real call for avphile HDMI cables - a bit's a bit, and so long as a good portion of the same ones that came outta your gozoutas end up at your desired gozinatas,

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Stephen Ambrose's music teacher father once posed a difficult question to his son: "What instrument don't they make anymore?" The younger Ambrose was stumped. "The chamber," his father responded. Ambrose filed the exchange away, not quite sure what to make of it, and went on to a career as a musician and sound engineer.

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Bang & Olufsen's supremely luxurious entry into the 3D market, the updated 85" BeoVision 4-85, made its U.S. debut today.

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While 3D makes immediate and perfect sense in certain contexts (games, horror), there have been a few dissenters as the revamped medium has slowly taken over big and small screens everywhere.

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We took a look at the Boxee Box (and some of its competitors in the connected-set-top box universe) earlier this week, and today the company announced an OS update (set to roll out over the next few da

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Big news from the Pink Floyd camp today (a new site with full info should be relaunching today, so check back over the course of the afternoon).

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Following yesterday's YouTube announcement, Google should have even more big news today - the Google I/O developer conference kicks off today at noon, with the license-free Continue Reading >