Pink Floyd on the wing, again

Big news from the Pink Floyd camp today (a new site with full info should be relaunching today, so check back over the course of the afternoon). Starting September 26, a comprehensive reissue schedule, known as "Why Pink Floyd?" will swing into high gear, examining the band's legacy with a series of incredibly elaborate multi-disc, multiformat boxed sets. Each album will be rereleased in a single disc "Discovery" edition, as well as in 2-disc "Experience" and 5-7 disc "Immersion" sets (which add in more films, live recordings, outtakes, alternate tracks, documentary footage), along with parallel vinyl and surround reissues for some titles. All 14 studio albums will be available in September in remastered single-disc editions with new artwork; first up for the full Immersion treatment in September is Dark Side of the Moon - in 6-disc glory. Apps, movies, and more will follow through the end of the year.

We'll be bringing you more on the releases as they appear. Some pricing info can be gleaned here.

Set your controls...

- Michael Berk