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Al Griffin  |  Feb 11, 2015  |  3 comments
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Q I’m planning on buying an Epson 5030UB projector. My sofa will be 14.5 feet from the screen. The room has controllable dimmers, and there will be some room light when I watch games. What screen size and type would you recommend? — Lou Gutierrez / via e-mail

Al Griffin  |  Feb 05, 2015  |  1 comments
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Q Is it possible to mirror videos (YouTube or Netflix) from my iPad to my Panasonic Viera TV while simultaneously using Bluetooth to send the audio to my receiver? —John Geloso

Al Griffin  |  Jan 29, 2015  |  2 comments
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Q I have owned receivers from Onkyo, Pioneer and Yamaha. With each one, the sound always seemed muddy after I used the auto-calibration function for speaker setup. In my experience, I get much better sound when setting all speaker crossovers to 200 Hz, or the highest available setting. Expert opinions I’ve read on the subject say this is wrong, though I’ve adjusted two friends’ systems in this way and they agree with me that the sound is better. Am I correct? —David Bone

Al Griffin  |  Jan 22, 2015  |  0 comments
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Q Why can’t audio devices be daisy-chained via Bluetooth? I have a NAD Viso 1 speaker dock and a NAD 3020 integrated amp, both with Bluetooth. The units are located in different rooms. Why can’t I send the same signal from my iPhone to both units at the same time?—J. Alan Greer

Al Griffin  |  Jan 19, 2015  |  3 comments
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Q I have a fairly large collection of CDs, all of which have been ripped to lossless WMA format. I’ve come across plenty of discussion of DACs while researching music servers, but I’m confused about why I would need one since I can already listen to digital music files, either through my computer speakers or headphones. Doesn’t that mean what I’m hearing is already in analog form? If so, what need is there to convert it to anything else? —Bill Begg / via e-mail

Al Griffin  |  Jan 16, 2015  |  4 comments

2D Performance
3D Performance
PRICE $3,000

Accurate color
Good contrast and shadow detail
Customizable Home Screen GUI
Decent price for a 65-inch UHDTV
Some picture noise

Panasonic’s 65-inch Ultra HDTV provides impressive performance and a huge array of Smart features.

Steep price declines have become the norm in the consumer electronics world, especially when it comes to TVs. Case in point: The last Ultra HDTV I reviewed, a Samsung 65-incher that arrived at the tail end of 2013, had an MSRP that was twice the $3,000 sticker price of Panasonic’s 65-inch TC-65AX800U Ultra HDTV. Now I hear that Vizio is selling sets with the same screen size and pixel count for $2,200. They might as well be giving them away.

Al Griffin  |  Jan 15, 2015  |  3 comments
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As I understand things, any motion on an LCD TV is accompanied by a loss in resolution. For example, 1080p isn’t really 1080p when the image is in motion. Here’s my question: Since OLED has a much faster response time than LCD, does resolution stay the same when the image contains motion? —Michael McGehee / Macon, Georgia

Al Griffin  |  Jan 08, 2015  |  Published: Jan 09, 2015  |  0 comments
One of the best demos I took in at CES was provided by French tech company Giroptic, a participant in the cutting-edge Tech West expo at the Sands. Part of it had to do with the quality of the seamless 360-degree HD video captured by the company’s Go Pro-style compact camera. But a bigger part had to do with the fact that the footage was being displayed on the Oculus Rift—my first experience with that storied, soon-to-come VR headset.
Al Griffin  |  Jan 08, 2015  |  2 comments
Wi-Fi dead spots can be a problem, especially if you have a sizeable home. To get wireless Internet connectivity to a bedroom at the opposite end from where your Wi-Fi router is set up very well might require a range extender—Linksys’ N600 PRO, for instance.
Al Griffin  |  Jan 08, 2015  |  0 comments
Samsung’s yet-to-be named new wireless speaker has a distinctive football-like shape. On second thought, it looks like a coffee percolator. Whatever—the important thing is that the design is a big improvement over the company’s first-generation wireless speakers.