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Mechanical drivers could become a thing of the past if xMEMS Labs has its way.
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Luxman, one of the oldest consumer electronics brands in existence, has introduced a “transformational” digital player that spins CDs and SACDs while facilitating high-resolution streaming.
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15 Minutes with David P. Kelley, CEO of KLH Audio

The return of the KLH was big news at 2018 CES. Industry pundits and audio enthusiasts looked on with great interest and a little skepticism. Could the iconic brand cofounded by hi-fi pioneer Henry Kloss in 1957 be resurrected in a way that would pay homage to its founder? We recently caught up with David P. Kelley, who acquired the brand in 2017, to learn more about what the new KLH has accomplished since then and to get a preview of what’s on the horizon. Indeed, the future is bright as Kelley reveals plans for a new speaker built around the acoustic-suspension principles Henry Kloss made famous.

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Pioneer today unveiled a new flagship AV receiver under the prestigious Pioneer Elite label.
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Figuring out what to watch and how to watch it is the No. 1 “pain point” among an American/Canadian public that watches 4.4 hours of television a day. That’s just one of the many findings of TiVo’s biannual Video Trends Report.
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Klipsch is bringing its decades of experience in speaker design to bear on a new line of high-performance subwoofers built to match the power and performance of its flagship Reference Premiere speakers.
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Value Electronics, the Scarsdale, NY-based AV retailer that made a name for itself hosting annual TV Shootouts, has announced the winners of its first Headphone Shootout, held yesterday in New York City. Sony grabbed a win in the over-ear and in-ear categories and was joined by winning models from Bowers & Wilkins, Focal, and Sennheiser.
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LG today announced pricing and availability for the 2023 OLED 4K TVs it previewed last month at CES 2023.
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The latest and greatest in headphone technology will be on display at CanJam NYC 2023, which opens on Saturday (February 25) at the Marriott Marquis in the heart of New York City’s Times Square.
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Definitive Technology, the company started by audio-industry icon Sandy Gross in 1990, today announced a new series of speakers that celebrates the two things the brand is best known for: bipolar speaker designs that use front- and rear-facing drivers to create a more spacious listening experience and the “power tower” — a floorstanding speaker with a built-in powered subwoofer.