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15 Minutes with Robert (Bob) O’Brien, Co-Founder, Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC)

Advances in TV technology are coming fast and from many directions these days, giving consumers — and home theater enthusiasts, in particular — more reasons than ever to consider upgrading to a new set. Whether we’re talking Mini-LED, MicroLED, or QD-OLED, a new take on OLED technology, there’s a lot to keep up with. We tracked down industry insider Robert (Bob) O’Brien to get his take on what has become a very dynamic space.

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Update (March 23, 2022): It turns out the S95B OLED TV model, one of the many models covered in the recent Samsung news release announcing pre-order status for its 2022 TVs, will actually be the first QD OLED TV to hit the U.S. market if Samsung hits its target April delivery dates. Read more about the advantages and promise of QD OLED display technology in Trends of CES 2022. A Samsung spokesperson offered this explanation: “Since the term OLED is already widely accepted and understood, Samsung decided to go with the nomenclature ‘Samsung OLED TV’ to avoid confusion among consumers.” Industry insider Robert (Bob) O’Brien, co-founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), offers his take on this unusual situation in an interview that posts tomorrow (March 24).

Samsung has announced that many of the 2022 TV models it unveiled in January at CES 2022 are now available for purchase or pre-order, depending on the series/model. Here’s a breakdown of specific models with shipping dates where available.

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Okay, we’re still a couple days away from the official first day of spring but it’s warming up and the dreary winter landscape is starting to show signs of life. It’s a great time to celebrate the arrival springtime and have a look the latest A/V news and gear.
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Epson today introduced a less expensive follow-up to the $5,000 Pro Cinema LS12000 4K laser projector the company introduced last month.
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Time for a new set of speakers or subwoofer? An AVR with the latest features? Or maybe it’s time to bring your audio setup into the 21st century with a new music streamer. Wherever your home entertainment path is leading, click on to the next page for capsule reviews of more than two dozen products — all awarded Sound & Vision Top Picks in recent months.
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PerListen Audio, the Wisconsin-based startup that brought us the first THX Certified Dominus speaker system last year has introduced a new, lower-priced line of speakers based on those flagship models.
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Looking back at Sound & Vision’s Top Picks so far in 2022, speakers figure prominently into the mix, starting with a tower-based home theater ensemble that delivers the goods without draining your wallet. The lineup also includes a stately set of towers from a prominent German brand hoping to make a comeback in the U.S. and high performance subwoofers in two price categories — one from a well-known brand, the other from a name you probably don’t know. The odd man out is a new mid-priced AV receiver from Onkyo that can do just about everything you need it to do…except pop the popcorn.
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Sonus faber, the Italian speaker maker known for its unique and elegant designs, today announced a stylish all-in-one wireless music system that uses digital signal processing (DSP) and an array of seven speakers to deliver “mesmerizing three-dimensional sound.”
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As the pandemic winds down (again) and spring draws near, new product introductions are starting to pick up. Will they reach pre-2020 pandemic levels? Probably not, though the volume of press releases seems a bit higher than it was a year ago. Ongoing labor shortages and supply-chain disruptions caused by the logjam of shipping containers in major ports continue to hinder a return to normalcy — a situation that some analysts predict is here to stay for the rest of the year and possibly beyond. In the spirit of being thankful for the goods and services we can get, here’s a look at some of the latest A/V gear with a little news thrown into the mix.
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Epson today announced the availability of a new three-chip LCD projector that combines improved pixel-shifting with a new multi-array laser design and refined video processing algorithms to deliver better 4K performance than previous models without sacrificing picture brightness.