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KEF has extended its partnership with Lotus to bring killer sound to the new Eletre Hyper-SUV, the carmaker’s first all-electric “lifestyle” vehicle.
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As spring hits stride, we take a look at some of the latest home entertainment news and gear.
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Nakamichi has expanded its Shockwafe series of high-end soundbar systems with an upgraded version of its flagship Ultra 9.2 SSE, an advanced version of the Pro 7.1 system we reviewed back in 2017.
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Tired of putting up with anemic bass while you miss out on the visceral excitement that comes with owning a bad-ass subwoofer? Or maybe it’s time to replace a lowly soundbar (or, heaven forbid, the speakers built into your TV) with a full-on home theater speaker system. Help has arrived. We present capsule reviews of our Top Picks in subwoofers and home theater speaker systems for all of 2021 and so far in 2022.
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Devialet, the Paris-based maker of the utterly unique Phantom line of speakers, has brought its considerable design prowess to bear on its latest creation: a super sleek soundbar designed to deliver an immersive Dolby Atmos experience without the need for a separate subwoofer.
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The predictably unpredictable month of March delivered its usual rollercoaster of weather (at least here in the Northeast). The month that roars also turned out a varied mix of Sound & Vision Top Picks — from an outstanding home theater projector to a set of wonderful sounding wireless earbuds from an iconic audio brand that you didn’t even know makes earbuds. At last, spring is here. Enjoy it.
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If there's a heaven on earth, it might well be Sedona, the town and breathtakingly beautiful region in northern Arizona famous for its reddish-orange sandstone formations— majestic creations that rise up from the desert landscape and glow brilliantly when the sun rises and sets. Sedona is serene, a place of mystical energy—the embodiment of America the Beautiful. It's easy to see why Wisconsin native John Hayward and his wife Bonnie were drawn there, and why they chose to build their dream home there in 2020.
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Monoprice is on a roll with the expansion of its upscale Monolith line, this time in the form of two new THX Certified Ultra subwoofers, both of which are rated to reach THX Reference levels with low distortion in rooms as big as 3,000 cubic feet.
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15 Minutes with Robert (Bob) O’Brien, Co-Founder, Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC)

Advances in TV technology are coming fast and from many directions these days, giving consumers — and home theater enthusiasts, in particular — more reasons than ever to consider upgrading to a new set. Whether we’re talking Mini-LED, MicroLED, or QD-OLED, a new take on OLED technology, there’s a lot to keep up with. We tracked down industry insider Robert (Bob) O’Brien to get his take on what has become a very dynamic space.

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Update (March 23, 2022): It turns out the S95B OLED TV model, one of the many models covered in the recent Samsung news release announcing pre-order status for its 2022 TVs, will actually be the first QD OLED TV to hit the U.S. market if Samsung hits its target April delivery dates. Read more about the advantages and promise of QD OLED display technology in Trends of CES 2022. A Samsung spokesperson offered this explanation: “Since the term OLED is already widely accepted and understood, Samsung decided to go with the nomenclature ‘Samsung OLED TV’ to avoid confusion among consumers.” Industry insider Robert (Bob) O’Brien, co-founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), offers his take on this unusual situation in an interview that posts tomorrow (March 24).

Samsung has announced that many of the 2022 TV models it unveiled in January at CES 2022 are now available for purchase or pre-order, depending on the series/model. Here’s a breakdown of specific models with shipping dates where available.