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Bob Ankosko  |  Apr 23, 2020  |  4 comments
Home entertainment has become a focal point of our new (and, thankfully, temporary) life in lockdown. As we spend time digging into movie and music archives and watching films that either never made it to theaters or had their box office runs cut short, we’ve had plenty of time to assess the performance of our AV setups. For those who have found room for improvement, here are 11 topnotch audio components worthy of your consideration.
Bob Ankosko  |  Apr 16, 2020  |  1 comments
Hollywood has addressed these unprecedented times with an unprecedented act by bringing first-run films directly to the public, forgoing theatrical release altogether or dramatically shortening the three-month window between theatrical runs and home release. Here are 18 recently released movies you can watch in the comfort of your home right now.
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The Fisher SA-1000 tube amplifier is a sight to behold with its stately gold faceplate and signature tube cage. The amp also happens to be a legendary piece of audio gear that dates back to the early days of hi-fi.
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In case you haven’t noticed, live streaming has replaced concerts as the new normal and, though, it may not be ideal (what is these days?), it provides an intimate glimpse of artists performing at home without the grandeur of a live show with its pulsating lights and smoke machines.
Bob Ankosko  |  Mar 23, 2020  |  2 comments
You’re probably asking the same question we asked when we saw this tantalizing video wall: How’s it work?
Bob Ankosko  |  Mar 19, 2020  |  9 comments
Every now and then something really special comes along. Like finding a 50-year-old piece of audio history, never used and sitting in its original sealed box, complete with the original packing, owner’s manual, and shipping label.
Bob Ankosko  |  Mar 06, 2020  |  3 comments
It’s always interesting to see what new treasures turn up at New Jersey-based vintage hi-fi specialist SkyFi Audio. There’s certainly no shortage of gear to drool over — like the 1963 Fisher SA-1000 tube amp. Or the Nakamichi Dragon we spotted on the “just arrived” list.
Bob Ankosko  |  Feb 25, 2020  |  3 comments
There’s no denying the lure of powerful, deep, visceral bass. How it pulls you into the action. How it scares the living hell out of you. How it makes music real. We were so intrigued by the beastly 6-foot-tall SMSG50 super subwoofer designed and built by Germany’s Ascendo Immersive Audio that we had to dig deeper. We wanted to know what it takes to design and build a subwoofer of this caliber — one capable of producing peak levels up to 140 dB and deliver 105 dB of sound pressure at 5 Hz. Is a subwoofer that weighs 441 pounds and uses a single 50-inch (!) driver to plumb the infrasonic depths really better than a model of more manageable size with maybe a few 18-inch drivers? We caught up with Geoffrey Heinzel, partner and director of international sales and marketing for Ascendo, to learn more about this modern marvel.
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Build Quality
PRICE $900

Built like a tank
Elegant fit and finish
Excellent sound quality
Sound can be a little bright
App isn’t always intuitive

U.K.’s Naim Audio has made the awesome Mu-so QB even better with expanded streaming options and streamlined operation.

I loved Naim’s Mu-so QB when I reviewed it a couple years ago so I couldn’t wait to try out the “re-engineered” second-generation QB, which except for a new gray-aluminum top and slightly different grille fabric looks pretty much the same as the original — which is to say as compact and sexy as ever.

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Build Quality
PRICE $309

Rich, detailed sound
Solid bass
Elegant fit and finish
Light and comfortable
A little pricey

The 99 Classics check all the right boxes: They’re light and comfortable, beautifully built, and sound great.

Endless fascination. That’s the best way to describe my recent obsession with the 50-year-old Beatles classic Abbey Road. I’ve listened to the album hundreds of times over the years on a variety of formats, starting with the original vinyl pressing, yet listening to Giles Martin’s tasteful and, ultimately, reverential remix is like hearing this magnificent collection of songs for the first time.

Of course, a good bit of the credit goes to Meze Audio’s stylish 99 Classics...