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In a basement in 1975, back when turntables were big business and Linda Ronstadt ruled the airwaves, three friends started Definitive Audio (definitive.com, 206-524-6633). In its early days, the high-end store sold two-channel gear by the likes of Mark Levinson and Magnepan. There was no video.

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Handheld Helpmates 97855043214 Longitech MX Air Mouse The fall season is a great time to take inventory of your tech stuff - whether the idea is to buy new headphones or upgrade your laptop.
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For a Hollywood-in-the-Fifties home theater, this room got the star treatment. Just a glance, and you can see its comfort and elegance. What you can't see, by design, is most of the gear.

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"X-Factors" probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a place to buy a home theater. But for Jared Lewis, founder of Homewood, Alabama-based Audio Video Excellence (www.avxinc.com; 205-871-7289), they set his custom installation business apart from the competition.

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There's no shortage of camcorders or portable navigation devices out there, but here are a few that offer the basics plus a few unique perks. Available in surf-inspired colors like yellow, white, and a turquoise-blue, SANYO's Xacti E1 camcorder (right, $500; us.sanyo.com) is truly waterproof - and minus any bulky casing.

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Jeff Hoover is the president of Audio Advisors in West Palm Beach, Florida (audioadvisors.com; 561-478-3100) - and everyone thought he was, well, a little crazy when he built the Design Center, a $2 million showcase of rooms outfitted with the latest gear. But Hoover knew better.

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With summer just around the corner, there's no better time to upgrade your digital camera. CASIO's Exilim EX-Z75 ($230; casio.com) is perfect for a day trip or an extended vacation. I used mine for some basic around-the-house stuff, but this 7.2 megapixel would be a great travel companion.

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Now nestled in a converted gas station, CSA Audio Design (csaaudiodesign.com; 973-744-0600) has built a name for itself over the past 30 years as a custom-installation resource and retail store in Upper Montclair, New Jersey.