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AudioControl is that rara avis, an American company that actually manufactures A/V electronics - carrying comparatively rational price tags - in the U.S. of A.
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New! Improved! Whiter whites! Brighter brights! We've heard it all before -- no fewer than 10,000 times.
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Loudspeaker maker DCM has been around just about as long, and has reconstituted itself and its product line nearly as many times, as Lynyrd Skynyrd
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Just how much A/V receiver can they contrive to give us for $500?

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The flat-screen revolution has spawned a lot of dramatic and innovative loudspeakers, many of them different takes on the Definitive Technology Mythos - a family of sleek aluminum speakers that almost single-handedly reinvente
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Used to be even the most basic receiver came with two accessories: a cheap wire dipole FM antenna and a plastic-loop AM job (which most often seemed to degrade reception). You still get the antennae, even if nobody except dental-office denizens listens to much terrestrial radio anymore. But you get a lot more with your receiver today.

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the listWe A/V mavens tend to sneer a little (okay, a lot) at those who choose sleek, on-wall aesthetics over all-out audio chops (damn the cost in looks, livability, or length of marriage).

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Denmark may be best known for savory hams, sexy design, and bipolar royal heirs, but it's also a land of loudspeakers.