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 |  Oct 08, 2007  |  First Published: Oct 09, 2007  |  0 comments

Could the cheapest Blu-ray Disc player on the market be about to get $100 cheaper? Hot on the heels of a UK announcement of a cheaper PlayStation3, speculation online began that a $399 US model would follow. The Hollywood Reporter cited industry sources that seem to be calling it a done deal, citing that the cheaper PS3 will hit US stores November 2nd.

jon iverson  |  Apr 09, 2000  |  0 comments

Watching TV on your computer is not a new idea. In fact, companies have been bringing regular DTV to the desktop for over a year now (see <A HREF="">previous story</A>). But HDTV is another matter&mdash;the high-definition specification for digital television has been struggling to get out of the chute ever since its launch in November 1998. Several factors have slowed the emergence of HDTV, with the high prices of HDTV sets a deciding factor in most cases.

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Last week's rumor is this week's confirmed news: the 60GB PS3, which recently saw a $100 price drop, is being phased out for the 80GB model at $599. Although the door is certainly open to a later price drop on the 80GB model, the $499 price of the 60GB PS3 officially remains only until that model sells out. But don't worry- that won't be for a while.

Mark Fleischmann  |  May 26, 2009  |  0 comments
The days when Napster was the world's largest free music library are long gone. Soon, though, it may become the world's cheapest legitimate music subscription service, with a new plan that asks consumers for a mere $5/month for five free tracks and a whole lot of streaming. That's hardly even lunch money!
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Claiming to share consumers' frustrations that they were asked to make a choice in a format war, Best Buy is placating HD DVD player customers who bought players or before  Feb. 23 fire sale prices with a $50 gift certificate. Best Buy will...
jon iverson  |  Nov 08, 1998  |  0 comments

If you don't have one of the pricey new digital TVs, but you're curious about those DTV broadcasts that started in your area last week (if you happen to live in one of the lucky cities), your PC might soon be able to provide some relief. With a graphics accelerator that can handle the various DTV formats and MPEG decoding and a low-cost DTV receiver card, viewing DTV on the PC is an affordable option. A graphics accelerator and receiver card with a combined cost under $500 can provide DTV at a fraction of the price for a new digital TV and tuner/decoder.

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Movie fans have a lot of choices when it comes to how they're going to access a film. Theaters, DVDs, Blu-ray, mail rentals, digital rentals, digital downloads and video on demand are all viable options depending on a consumer's patience level. ...
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Not too long ago you couldn't find progressive video output on any DVD player for less than $2000. Ditto for 96kHz or 192kHz digital sampling rates in the audio section. Now you can have both for substantially less than a grand.
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Maybe HD has finally hit the big-time. According to reports around the web, tomorrow consumers will be offered the inestimable opportunity to trample one another at Wal-Mart to buy an HD DVD player on the cheap. How cheap? Really cheap.

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A study released last week claims that in the next five years, smarter TV devices and content will dramatically change how viewers consume television programming. The result, according to a new report from <A HREF="">Forrester Research</A>, will be a significant shift in the business model for television: "Even as they drain $18 billion in ordinary TV advertising revenues, smarter devices will create $25 billion in new revenues from viewers interacting with their TV screens."

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This year is seeing some of the greatest movies ever made hit Blu-ray. First Criterion announced that it will be releasing Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai on Blu-ray Disc this fall, and now Lionsgate has announced that Francis Ford Coppola's...
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Home theater is a wonderful hobby, but it has one recurring problem: where to put all that equipment? Or more precisely: what to put it on?
Mark Fleischmann  |  May 17, 2007  |  0 comments
Copying music or movies? Don't even think about it, says attorney general Alberto Gonzales. He's supporting a new law that would make even attempting copyright infringement a new federal offense.
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It's been less than two months since Avatar hit theaters, and it's broken nearly every box office record set. This week, Avatar has officially eclipsed the previous top grossing film, Titanic, in both domestic and worldwide receipts. And it took...
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Avatar made records as the top grossing film of all time in theaters. Unfortunately, the DVD and Blu-ray release of the film disappointed many viewers because it offered nothing but what they already saw in theaters; they were barebones releases...