PS3 Hates 1080i

As I’ve talked about before, console games have to be written for a specific resolution (unlike computer games). Nearly every Xbox 360 game, for example, is 720p. The console then converts that up or down depending on how you set up the console. Those with older TVs drop it to 480i, those with HD sets can choose 720p or 1080i (and occasionally 1080p).

So far, the PS3 has a mix of 1080p and 720p native games. Apparently, and we’ll test this soon, the 720p games won’t convert to 1080i. If your TV doesn’t accept 720p, then you get 480p. Excuse me?

You see, this is why console gaming is lame. My computer will output whatever resolution I tell it, and if it doesn’t I smack it around. Hitting it always fixes the problem.

Sony said at first that they’ll fix the issue, but now they’re backing away from that. Sure interlaced gaming isn’t great, but if it’s a choice between an artifacty interlaced HD and 480p, I’m guessing most gamers would chose the former.

So if the PS3 is all powerful, and if it can scale 720p to 1080p, and de-interlace 1080p to 1080i, then why can’t it de-interlace and scale 720p to 1080i? I mean the 360 can do it.

So we have one console that will output 1080p to about 50 people, and one console that won’t output 1080i to a few more. Lame, don’t these things go through product testing?

Here’s the real question, how many of you have an HD display that doesn’t accept 720p? My hunch is that it isn’t many more in number than those that can input 1080p over component, but that’s just a guess. Send me an email at

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I agree. Microsoft and Sony have some really weird mess ups that seem totally avoidable.At the same time... console gaming may be lame as far as resolution goes.But sitting one foot away from the screen at a computer desk, gaming away on a keyboard and mouse isn't lame?Give me a big HDTV, a kickass sound system, a nice comfy couch, and some pals over to play some Gears of War or Madden anyday of the week.I'll save the PC games for the Sims. Yay for running that at 1600x1200 resolution.

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The Sims? That

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No no no, no point Mr. Morrison. You could have tossed The Sims... Warcraft... yada... yada any game really.The arguement isn't whether or not its easier to point a gun and fire w/ a mouse or a controller. It's more of the vibe.Sitting at a desktop, running the game at an ultra high resolution, and clicking my way to victory just isn't the same as playing xbox live through a big screen plasma, chain sawing and hearing the sound pump through the giant speakers as I am sitting back in the lazy boy... even if it is only at "720p" and I am not as fastAnd no Halo isn't the greatest.Super Mario 64 baby!Different strokes for different folks I guess. No hatred towards PC gamers at all. I just think minor resolution problems hardly accounts for console gaming being lame... especially since we're past the 480p days.Oh right Nintendo Wii... oops.

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I don't know why you've made such a big deal about the whole 1080p over component issue with the 360 in so many entries now. The 360 does 1080p over the VGA cable as well, and I'd be willing to wager that nearly every 1080p television or projector is capable of displaying that resolution from a vga input. Unless they ever decide to use the resolution constraint over analog, we don't really need HDMI. Sony, on the other hand, are just stupid for making a machine that doesn't output in 1080i, because I think there are far more than "a few more than 50 people" who have old enough hdtvs that don't accept 720p or 1080p.

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Point taken Jake. Though you can play a PC on a big screen too... but that's not your point. Actually Chris, most 1080p displays can't take 1080p over any input, and that's the issue.

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I have an older Panasonic plasma which can only accept 720p via the VGA input. This would not be an issue except Panasonic chose to place the VGA input on the front of the TV. The X-box has no HDMI and the playstation will not convert to 1080i.This is moving forward for some but unfortunately not me.

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it is time to stop waiting in line for products or standards {HDMI} that dont work. Hardware is not Software. 10 years ago company's would not be in business if they sold this stuff. what happened to us, we wait in line for products that might be fixed. call me old fashion but i try to buy stuff that doesn't need a tech line after the 2nd day. 1080i,720p, 1080p-hdmi just make it work.this has made me want to copy--because i do what the industry wants with --no pic error message or whatever. so 2.1 for me, and its not to bad, less is more. my now is listening not fixing on the phone.

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this is so not true!!!for the people that so have a PS3 know that it will convert to 1080i. ANY ps3 game will convert to 1080i. given you have it connected with HDMI. it's called being updated. People if you don't know don't say anything.

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"this is so not true!!! for the people that so have a PS3 know that it will convert to 1080i. ANY ps3 game will convert to 1080i. given you have it connected with HDMI. it's called being updated. People if you don't know don't say anything." STFU Josh!!!!I have a ps3 connected to my 1080i tv and IT WILL NOT DO 1080i FOR 3 OF MY 4 GAMES!!!!!!!!!!! Blueray is also downconverted to 480p. The only way for me to play blueray titles at 1080i is to copy the blueray contents to my pc using yellow dog linux. Then i must remove the content protection and put the new 15.7 gig file on an external HD. Then go back to the ps3 and play the file in 1080i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To much work if you ask me. The ps3 will not upconvert games that are 720p to 1080i. My tv does 1080i but will not do 720p. Therefore i have been screwed by sony!!!!! Sony said they would fix the problem but they haven't!!!! I advise anybody that is reading this to check your tv and make sure that it supports 720p. IF IT DOESN'T

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Well, MS and Sony both blundered this one, for sure. MS just needs to offer a dang HDMI cable already and Sony needs to fix the scaling issue, and fast.Other than that it's pointless even trying to compare pc gaming to console gaming. There's a reason they are both independent of each other and can both survive: they each offer a different experience. I still enjoy playing Age of Empires II on my laptop when I'm feeling bored. That doesn't take away the enjoyment from plopping down on the couch with PGR3 and racing the night away. They're just two totally different experiences and why people still feel the need to compare is beyond me.A bit more back on topic, Sony really needs to get in gear and realize people just aren't going to fall over for the PS3. Competition is way too intense this time and frankly forcing a BD player on me isn't going to give me the warm fuzzies. Get their console fixed, stop trying to ram BD down my throat, and give me some good games. Is that too much to ask?

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I have a lg42pc1d tv I am struggling to decide whether to have a ps3 or a xbox 360 my tv supports 1080i but not 1080p what should i go for? if i buy a ps3 would it de-interlace it to 1080p or not?

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so what about a 1080p blu ray movie will it down scale it to 1080i??

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