Zeeq Pillow Streams Music, Stops Snoring

If you share a bed, or a bedroom, Zeeq may just be the best thing that ever happened to your bedmate or roommate. Deep inside the Zeeq pillow are blue speakers and a microphone. It is designed so that only the person whose head is on the pillow can hear the music or sounds without disturbing the person next to you. Stream music from iOS or Android devices or from Spotify. Choose white noise to put you to sleep. Listen to the TV comfortably. Only you can hear the sound so it won’t disturb others around you.

The Zeeq pillow has microphones to recognize when you are snoring. It gently vibrates to wake you up. Once awake, you can turn on your side and stop snoring. After a week of training your body to turn over when you feel the vibration, the Zeeq spokesman assures that you will respond to the pillow’s vibrations by turning over in your sleep without waking.

Zeeq can be controlled by Amazon Alexa. Tell Alexa to start and stop the music playing, report your sleep patterns, set music for wakeup, and any other Zeeq app command. Later this year, Zeeq will become an Alexa voice controller. Turn off your lights, turn down the heat and any other Alexa command without rolling over.

The electronics can be recharged by connecting a control device to USB. The battery should last two weeks. Zeeq pillows can be pre-ordered for $250 but are currently on backorder.  I’m not sure if I want to buy it for myself or for my significant other.