Your Own HDTV Channel

ZvBox’s Zv-100 takes the VGA output of a PC, encodes it on the fly to 720p, and creates a channel that can be sent via coax to any HDTV in your house that has a digital cable (QAM) tuner. Since all it does is convert the output to an HD channel, your computer operates the same way it always does, and you’ll be able to watch or views any content your computer can provide as long as it has the proper codec or program. The beauty of the ZvBox system is that since it is codec agnostic, it can work with iTunes as easily as it works with Windows Media Player – or any other player or website.

No special decoder is needed at the TV. No special wiring is needed, either, as long as you have coax already run in your house or apartment. The $99 ZvBox Zv-100 bundle comes with an RF remote control that includes a touchpad so you can control your computer from in front of your TV.