Wolf in the House

Wolf Cinema has upgraded its existing four projector platforms for 2016. It showcased the SDC-15 ($15,000) at CES on a 10-foot wide, Seymour Screen Excellence 2.35:1 screen. It's images were truly spectacular.

Wolf was also using its new $7,000 ProScaler MK IV video processor, available separately or together with the SDC-15 or the $12,000 SDC-12 projectors (the projector prices shown are without the ProsScaler).

It's no secret that the Wolf projector is based on the latest JVC LCOS technology, which is no bad thing. JVC is also showcasing its new flagship home projector in another room on an even bigger Stewart Studiotek 100 screen. While it also produced a superb image, it didn't look quite as riveting as the Wolf. But I attribute that to JVC's larger and lower-gain screen.