Wolf (Cinema) in the Fold

Wolf Cinema was the second of only two home theater demos I found at the Venetian Hotel (the other being the MSR discussed above), which was otherwise (apart from a few soundbars) a sea of 2-channel, audio-only demos. Wolf Cinema showed three of its offerings. The fabulous photo shown here was the headliner, the $25,000 SDC-25. It's a single-chip DLP design with lamp-free, LED illumination, and looked plenty bright on a 102-inch (wide) screen.

Wolf's single-chip DLP SDC-6 ($6000, including an external scaler) also did a fine job, but the star of the show for me was the $12,000 SDC-12. Based on JVC's pseudo 4K technology it can accept a 4K input but display it, with some processing sleight-of-hand, on its 1920 x 1080 D-ILA imagers. It produced stunning pictures from a Redray 4K server.