This Is Way Better Than The Clapper!

Digeo makes the Moxi family of media centers, including the Moxi Home Cinema Edition HD DMR. CableCARD ready, there are over 400,000 Moxi products out there. Both the Moxi DVR and non-DVR unit use Moxi's graphically attractive and, from what I saw, seemingly intuitive interface. The menu is now in available in high definition (either 720p or 1080i) and looks spectacular, taking advantage of every square inch of your screen.

But that's not what has me jazzed. Digeo announced a collaboration with 4HomeMedia, where 4HomeMedia's ControlPoint software will be integrated into the Moxi's menuing system. By taking advantage of products from members of the Z-Wave Alliance which includes Leviton, Monster Cable and a host of other manufacturers, you can begin drawing the shades and dimming the lights from the comfort of your easy chair. Moxi takes advantage of both wireless controls like those from the Z-Wave companies and those from Eschelon who transmit control signals via the A/C in your home. Even better, you can set up macros, (Digeo calls them "scenes") on your Moxi to do a whole series of things when you pick something like "Watch Movie" from the Moxi's menu. You can even program the Moxi so that it turns off the TV and all your components and lights when you do something as simple as manually switch off the light at the entrance to your home theater! Goodnight Irene!