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I have yet to find any purchaser of the LiteOn LVC-9006 who hasn't experienced problems with it very soon, if not right out of the box.Problems with this unit are mainly with the optical drive, but even the VHS player drags, stalls and tapes jam either upon and/or upon extracting them.Seems the laser is cheap and fails within weeks of initial use. My last two units both immediately began failing and produced 10 times the coasters as the occaisional successful burn and finalizing. Albeit resulting DVD quality at best is mediocre to poor.And the VCD/SVCD's too (when not producing coasters) were/are all but unplayable as the VHS dubbing is terrible.I challenge you to find anyone who has bought one that has had it more time than their units were in the mail (at the farmed out repair site that LiteOn uses to recycle their bunky units).LiteOn obviously knows LVC-9006 is a lemon and simply gives customer's the runaround by pawning off supposedly fixed units onto already disappointed users. Grr

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Ok... but did you vote?

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appropriating Hillel:Kilgore.minting spatter histograms - Tons of interesdting stuff!!!

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