Vizio Jumps on the 240Hz Bandwagon

Now that 240 has been designated the lucky number of this year’s CES, multiple companies are showcasing their own versions of the technology. VIZIO’s version comes in the form of its XVT series. The 55-inch VF551XVT LCD HDTV ($2,000) features 240Hz technology coupled with 1,000,000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast with local dimming.

VIZIO is also highlighting the VF551XVT’s LED backlight technology. The company says this technology will give you higher color saturation, deeper blacks, and ultimately, a better picture. VIZIO’s VF551XVT even comes equipped with a built-in soundbar that has STS TruSurround HD and TruVolume technologies. Additionally, each model in the XVT series features Advanced Glare Polarizer, which VIZIO says will increase the set’s contrast ratio by 60% in bright environments.