VIDAA TV Jumps Between Streaming and Live TV Without Missing a Beat

Hisense’s VIDAA TV doesn’t use a home screen. There’s no backing out of an app, pressing the return button several times before switching to another app. Instead,a user can “jump” from video streaming to apps or to live TV or to saved media. When jumping back to video streaming the movie will have automatically paused and can be restarted instantly where it left off. This makes it easier to jump over to live TV to check a sports score (or anything else you want to do) and quickly return to the movie without a lot of button presses. While the remote has a home button, the only home menu is an overlay on what you are currently watching. There is never a need to exit your current program before moving on to the next.

The VIDAA is Android based. Apps like PrimeTime TV recommendations that have been available on a Google TV, are included. There is no pricing available but it is expected to be included in the Hisense H7 series due out in this spring