Upgrade Your 2012 Samsung Smart TV Get 2013 Features

Samsung showed the Smart TV Evolution kit for compatible 2012 TVs. The kit plugs into earlier TV models adding a faster processor and all of the new Smart TV features of the newer models. When the evolution kit is connected, the Smart Hub and enhanced voice and gesture TV controls.

The Evolution Kit upgrades the Smart TV's CPU, memory, and GPU to the level of the latest Smart TVs. These powerful processors are used for the Smart TV features and will speed up browsing the Internet to bring up web pages faster, and help video playback. The better chips, also makes multitasking possible to open and use apps while watching live TV or other video sources. An example would be to have picture-in-picture while streaming video online or using the web browser.

The 2013 version of the Evolution Kit brings the five Smart Hub home screens (see yesterday's coverage) including the live TV home screen that displays TV show recommendations currently playing and those coming up next.

Samsung tells us that they will release a new Evolution Kit every year. People who buy TVs with the Evolution Kit feature will be able to enjoy new innovations in Smart TV. Perhaps we can finally feel confident that the TV we buy today won't be outdated in 6 months.

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