Update on Epson's LS10500 Laser Projector

While Epson’s ProCinema LS10500 laser-based projector isn’t new, it was upgraded via firmware earlier this year. It delivered a superb image at CEDIA EXPO 2017 on a 124-inch wide, 2.40:1, Stewart Studiohawk 130 screen, a significant improvement over what I was able to squeeze out of a presumably earlier firmware sample when I reviewed it some months ago. Kudos also should go to calibrator Kevin Miller for his expert setup. The price remains the same at $8000.

Epson also went to the trouble to strip down an LS10500 for the exploded view shown in the photo. The inner complexity of today’s home digital projectors is astonishing.

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Worth while update on the Epson LS10500.
I had discounted this particular model based on several reviews (including yours).
I am hopeful that soon we (customers) would see a great 4K Laser projector for $5,000. Unfortunately Sony was the only real game in town and they held all the cards. I'm glad that Epson is pushing the price and technology envelope.

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I currently have an Epson 6030ub,a Panamorph UH480 lens being projected on to a Steward StudioTek 130. I have to say the picture is pretty phenomenal. I would very much so like to acquire the 10500. If anyone is interested,not the screen. Also a pioneer BDP-09,Kuro PRO 141. Like you I would like to see this projector priced around $5,000.00