Two Wheel Drive

ProjectionDesign has a unique solution for high end custom installer. Their Action Model Three 1080 projector, using a single 1080p DLP chip, but is equipped with two lamps and two color wheels. In other words, the projector has two light paths that are recombined before being sent out the lens. ProjectionDesign claims that this eliminates rainbows, and in ten minutes of viewing, I only saw one rainbow that wasn't caused by rapidly turning my head. I'm real sensitive to color rainbows, so I'll have to say they succeeded.

Beyond that, the 2500 ANSI resolution of the $24,500 projector (not including lens) was bright and had no problem filling a large screen as might be expected in a custom home theater. The company offers 6 high quality glass lenses (from $2,800 to $4,200) with throw distances from .75:1 to 6.5:1. The image was spectacular and first class.