MantelMount Solves TV Over the Fireplace Dilemma

If you watch any home improvement shows on television, or speak with an interior designer, they appear to find a television a nuisance that compromises their artistic vision. But we all know a television has to go somewhere, and that’s often over the fireplace—about the worst position possible. Looking up at a television is guaranteed to put a crook in your neck.

MantelMount has solutions. The MM855, shown here at $1,995, automatically brings the television out from the wall, then down to a more comfortable viewing position (though you don’t want to use it that way if there’s a fire in the fireplace!). Once down, it can also be rotated as desired using the same remote control, as shown.

If that’s a bit spendy for you, the MM750 offers the same adjustability, but manually, for $899. Both versions can support sets up to 125 lbs, provided of course that they’re securely fastened to the wall over the mantel.