TruAudio Pendant Speakers Hang from the Ceiling

In-wall, on-wall, and other such custom installation products are a staple at CEDIA. Free-standing speakers? Not so much. Though there’s an ample supply of those (some of which we’ve written up in other show blogs), CES in January is where new box speakers go to be launched.

TruAudio’s BD-8 WT/BK encloses its 2-way speaker in a pendant designed to be hung from the ceiling. While they weren’t auditioned here (demonstrating speakers on an open convention floor is a recipe for sonic disaster, though a surprising number of manufacturers attempt it), a pendant design such as this might well be a clever way to add Atmos speakers without major surgery on your ceiling. But you’d likely need a ceiling higher than 8-feet to make this work, unless you, your family, and friends are all very short.

I can envision a clever designer even combining such a speaker pendant with remotely fade-able LED lighting. I won’t even demand a licensing fee for that idea!