Trinnov Pre-Pro Renders 16 Channels

Take a look at the four-element Trinnov room correction setup microphone, with one element elevated over the other three. The mic performs time-based measurements of phase and impulse response plus the azimuth and elevation of all speakers. We decided to show this instead of the customary black-box product shot. You're welcome.

Trinnov, which rolls its own room correction, offers 16 channels of joy in the new Altitude 16 surround preamp-processor. This is not Trinnov's first 16-channel pre-pro. The Altitude 32 remains in the line.

But the Altitude 16 (at the top of the stack in this photo) is priced at $16,000 for a fixed configuration, whereas the 32 is priced at $18-33,000 for an upgradable one. They share the same software and DACs. The company says its pre-pros are the only ones that render 16 channels.

You might pair the pre-pro with the Altitude 8M eight-channel power amp ($7500, the lower of the two components). Featuring the Hypex Ncore NC-1200 Class D amp module, it is rated at 200 watts per channel into eight ohms and 300 into four. Both ship in late October.