Triad Atmos Drivers Are a Quartet

Two years in the making in close association with Dolby Labs, Triad's approach to a Dolby Atmos enabled speaker is to build four two-inch ScanSpeak drivers into the top for the height channels. The Inroom Bronze LR-H is based on the InRoom Bronze LCR, with the front driver array consisting of a one-inch fabric dome tweeter and dual 5.5-inch woofers. We've heard the prototype in Dolby's New York offices and it produces impressive height effects. Atmos capability raises the basic model price from $600 to $1000/pair.

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Is that price supposed to be "each"? Unless Triad suddenly slashed their prices, $600 for a pair of Bronzes seems like a mistake.

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Triad InRoom Bronze LR-H MSRP is $1000 each, adding Atmos enhanced height channel to our InRoom Bronze LCR which costs $600 each and were used for center and 2 side surrounds in Dolby's demo.

Atmos enhanced speakers are primarily meant for those that don't have the option of ceiling speakers. At Dolby's Atmos demo, we had both Atmos enhanced left/right fronts & rears (with separate inputs for height channels) as well as our angled baffle InCeiling Bronze/8 LCRs installed in the ceiling (duh). During the demo, Dolby switched between the enhanced height channels and the overheads. I was surprised at how good the enhanced height speakers sounded - much better than I expected. This was in a 20 seat theater, btw, with 4 rows of 5 seats & no risers.

At their Training class, Dolby gave props to us at Triad as their Atmos development partner. It's been a long 2 years, but well worth it.

Thanks for the shout out, Mark.