Tremor FX Home Makes Soundtrack Effects that Really Affect You

RedSeat Entertainment is launching the Tremor FX Home, “a dynamic home theater system that incorporates seat vibrations into movies, games and other entertainment.” Available in both pre-installed versions as well as kits for retrofitting into existing seating, Tremor FX’s technology is designed to dynamically vibrate and pulsate in response to a movie’s soundtrack via a series of actuators integrated into each seat. The heart of the system is a main processor using a proprietary audio processing engine that analyzes the audio content of a movie (or game, etc.) and determines where and when vibrations should be created in the seat. The processor then wirelessly transmit the info to a receiving unit in each chair, which then activates one or all of three tactile transducers – one mounted under the seat, one mounted mid-level behind the seat, and one mounted higher up on the back.

The system differs from motion control seating, such as D-Box, that uses individual motion codes specifically created for a particular movie because the Tremor FX Home processor analyzes the incoming soundtrack on the fly for vibration cues. The other difference is that the Tremor FX Home uses tactile transducers rather than actuators, so the seat remains stationary as it vibrates.

Pricing on the system hasn’t been officially set, but the processor will likely be available for around $7,000. A three-transducer/wireless receiver kit should be well under $1,000. Pre-installed systems in chairs from RedSeat Entertainment will be available before the end of the year.