TrackingPoint Lets Anyone Shoot Like a SEAL

The Internet of Things has expanded to include a new high performance rifle from TrackingPoint nicknamed the “Mile Maker” for its “tag and shoot” technology that virtually guarantees anyone can hit a plate-sized target at up to one mile even on targets moving up to 30 mph! This technology puts the level of shooting skills the likes of Navy SEAL and Delta Force snipers that have spent years honing their craft into virtually anyone’s trigger finger.

The 338TP Precision-Guided Firearm utilizes advanced image processing and tracking technology similar to fire control systems found in advanced weapon systems like the F35 fighter jet and M1 battle tank, eliminating human error and all windage and elevation variables making it virtually impossible for a target to escape once acquired.

The 338TP can create a local, secure WiFi hotspot to wirelessly stream real-time video to Web-enabled devices. Additionally, special ShotView digital shooting glasses allow other hunters or Special Forces members to share a battlefield view. These remote views will enable users to shoot around corners and other protected positions exposing only the weapon and hand on the rifle, team with other shooters, help spotters better guide target engagements of fellow warriors, and produce greater battlefield situational awareness. The system also automatically records HD video and voice for later review and training.

Marketed to the US military and as a high-end platform for shooting enthusiasts, the TrackingPoint 338TP is anticipated to ship in June 2015 for $50,000.