TiVo's OnePass Adds Streaming to Recorded Episodes

TiVo has launched OnePass, an extended Seasons Pass for TV series that includes episodes found online.

The Season Pass feature previously would only record a TV series from a particular channel. The OnePass allows users to choose to record the channel broadcasting the current season as well as channels showing seasons in syndication. Using TiVo’s integrated search of online streaming services as well as live TV, users can find all episodes of a TV show which are then consolidated into a single list. This makes it easy to watch any episode from any season accessing it from one menu.

There is also an option to find specific seasons of shows, and to limit the list to exclude episodes that are only available for purchase or rental. Note, it does not record the online episodes, but includes a link that plays the episode instantly from the menu list.

OnePass will be available through a free firmware update on Premium and Roamio and Mini TiVo boxes in February and on mobile apps in March.

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Season Pass has always been one of the most valuable features of the TiVo product - this makes it even better :)