Terk’s Omnidirectional TV Antenna Doesn’t Need to be Turned

Terk has redesigned the antenna. The Omni may be the perfect shape to receive all of your channels. If you use an indoor, tabletop antenna to get over-the-air local broadcasts, it’s likely that you needed to physically turn the antenna to pick up different channels.

In my city, the antenna must face east/west for CBS and north/south for ABC, NBC, and Fox. Just as I wouldn’t want to get up to change channels, it’s a bother to get up and turn the antenna.

The Omni is a tall cylindrical shape with Terk’s proprietary dual stage amplifier, the DualBoost. This technology amplifies the signal both coming out of the antenna and going into the TV. The combination of this dual amplifier and OMNI’s 360-degree reception promises to outperform any other indoor antenna. Let’s hope so. It would be great to finally have an antenna that can bring in my local channels so I would have local live TV and be able to cut the cord completely. The Omni is priced at $59.99 and will be available in the spring.

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It's little things like this that actually make a difference.