Sweet Sounds All Around

If there was one thing that was abundantly clear at the show, immersive audio isn't going anywhere. While the software continues to trickle out, the flood gates have opened for hardware with just about every manufacturer on the floor demonstrating something that would help you in your pursuit of immersive audio.

From in-wall speakers to the latest AVRs, immersive audio was everywhere this year. I don't think I heard a single audio demo that wasn't centered on Dolby Atmos, Auro3D or DTS:X. And while studios are finally starting to deliver more content (5 Atmos titles this month alone!), manufacturers are definitely going all in on immersive audio. We saw new offerings from just about every AVR manufacturer out there including new partners like Sony and Anthem. Speaker manufacturers were also getting into the game with plenty of Atmos enabled offerings and more in-wall/in-ceiling offerings than I've ever seen before. I know I've drunk the Kool Aid with my recent upgrade to 7.1.6, will you be taking the plunge soon?