SVS Unveils Best-Ever Ultra Evolution Series

SVS, the Ohio-based speaker company best known for its subwoofers and ever-expanding line of home theater speakers, used CES 2024 as the launchpad for the new flagship Ultra Evolution Series due out in early spring.

“This is the culmination of SVS’s journey, at least so far,” said SVS president Gary Yacoubian. “It is our largest product launch ever. It’s also our most momentous product launch where we’re really knocking on the door, we think, of some of the best speakers in the world. And we’re doing it in price ranges where that hasn’t been done before. There’s a lot of really exciting technologies here.”

The Ultra Evolution Series, which replaces the popular Ultra Series, comprises three stylish tower speakers featuring dual-opposing woofers, two bookshelf models, a height-effects speaker, and a center-channel speaker.

The towers feature a time-aligned front baffle with an acoustically centered tweeter that is recessed and angles out to the midrange drivers and woofers. “The benefit is that, spatially, we have essentially a point-source,” Yacoubian explained. “So you’re getting the sound coming from a single point in space, for the most part, and then because it’s time aligned we’re also getting the sound of each driver to the listener at the exact same instant in time. This creates a very convincing, believable sound stage and also a very fine rendering of the content.”

SVS is also debuting a new vapor-misted, diamond-coated aluminum-dome tweeter in the Ultra Evolution Series. “It is the best tweeter we’ve ever worked with — our brand or any other,” Yacoubian said. “We’re really excited about that. The breakup frequency is way beyond audibility so its effortless, airy, detailed but never in your face. It’s a groundbreaking driver for us.”

Pricing for the towers is $5,000/pair for the Ultra Evolution Pinnacle, $4,000/pair for the Ultra Evolution Titan, and $3,000/pair for the Ultra Evolution Tower. The Ultra Evolution Bookshelf is $1,299/pair, and the smaller Ultra Evolution Nano, $899/pair.

Watch the video for more on the Ultra Evolution speaker series.