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Take me to your leader. The 8T is the leader, or at least the first entry in a new line of speakers that's an offshoot of RBH. The four midrange drivers in the upper array have beryllium cones. The tweeter is a beryllium dome tweeter from Scan-Speak. At $50,000/pair, however, they're not for most of us, though the layout is vaguely similar to a B&W home theater speaker system from the late 1990s. The shape of the woofer enclosure here also suggests an intriguing configuration for a floor-mounted center channel speaker for use below a projection screen—though no center speaker is likely to match the 8T.

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contender for the ugliest speakers ever..but they do look appropriate as shown in the 22 dollar a night motel room with the 25 cent vibrating bed...

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The form of the woofer field here also suggest an fascinating pattern for a floor-mounted middle canal speaker for use underneath a outcrop..
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