Sound That Won't Break the Bank

Sherwood has just released its first soundbars to the consumer electronics audience, and with prices set at $160 and $130, they won’t leave you without any change in your pocket. The SB-4221i ($160) features dual 2.75-inch drivers that are driven by a 15 watt per channel amplifier. Sherwood’s $160 model also has dual built-in subwoofers that are driven by a 30 watt RMS amplifier.

Its cheaper partner in crime, the SB-3721, provides 10 wpc for the speakers and 20 wpc for the sub. The SB-3721 also includes MAX DSP Virtual Surround Sound and MAX BASS. Each of the soundbars provides inputs for TV, DVD, and MP3 audio, while the SB-4221i additionally includes an iPod charging dock with video and S-video outputs. Although these soundbars may not be equipped with all the latest features, they certainly give budget consumers an option they might not have had before.