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In the November issue I reviewed Sony’s new 1080p LCOS rear-projector, the KDS-R60XBR1. In just about every way, it was a terrific TV. It wasn’t, however, terribly accurate.

As happens sometimes, I was sent a pre-production model for review. Personally, I hate this, as I can’t be sure what I’m seeing is what will be in the final version. In reality, and about 99% of the time, it is exactly same as the production model, minus a bit of fit and finish. After I commented about the oversaturated color, Sony said it was something in the pre-production model I had.

Since that time, I have measured a KDS-R50XBR1 for our February face off, and have talked with a colleague at a different magazine (yes, we do talk. Usually cordially) who measured another KDS-R50XBR1. The results were so close that it seems like that’s how Sony wanted the colors to look, oversaturated and all. This isn’t terribly surprising, really. I can count on one hand the number of displays that have come through here with accurate color points. Keep in mind that while the TV isn’t particularly accurate, it does look excellent. Each color is over saturated, but not “off” in any direction (i.e. red isn’t reddish orange). So everything looks really vibrant.

If I find out any new info, I’ll post it here.

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Have you watched the set in a dark environment? Myself and other at our having issues with blue/green hues/blobs. When Ambient light is presentthe picture really does not seem to be affected but with the lights off it is another story. My set exhibits dark blue in the upper left and lower right corners and a green blob that extends from the lower left to the upper right corner. Does your test set have any of these issues or is a blank black screen truly all black?

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I think what you

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I am in the market for a new large screen tv and have narrowed it down to 2 models. The Samsung HL-R6178 and the Sony KDS-R60XBR1. IF you had to chose which would you prefer? Being that they are both kind of expensive, I want to make sure I make the right choice.Thanks!Tony

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Check out the February issue. You should be able to find it starting next month.

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Geoffrey,In response to :( I think what you

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It's hard to diagnose over the web. If you can see what you

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Thanks again for your reply.I actually have a service call set up for this Monday.There is also some lint or dirt under the screen which I told them about.I bought the set from CC and am still within the 30 day window but have been hesitant to exchange my set out for one that may be the same or worse.I actually thought in the beginning it was a Light Engine problem but maybe it is a uniformity issue that is inherent to the technology.The service center that is coming out is pretty reputable so I guess I'll see what they and Sony have to say before I exchange out the set. It's just odd that a few others are describing exactly the same problem that my 50" exhibits.I'm also under the impression that the set Sony sent you for review probably was tweaked by them before you received it. Maybe it's possible for an ISF tech to remedy some of my issues? It just seems like another gamble. If you are ever in the detroit area and want to check out my set, shoot me an e-mail.Sean

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Maybe you could possibly give me a explanation of just what color uniformity is. Is it related just to a black screen? Thanks.

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Post how the service call goes. There are two kinds of uniformity issues a set can have. Direct-view LCDs tend to have poor brightness uniformity, as in different parts of the screen are different brightness (hot spots). Color uniformity would be the same for color, or keeping the amount of color consistent across the screen. If one side or one part of the screen is a different color than another, this would be poor color uniformity.

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I'm looking for a review on JVC HD56FH96. How does it compare to sony KDSR60XBR1?

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I'm going to finally buy a big screen tv. I've narrowed it down to the Sony and JVC LCoS technology based rear projection 1080p models. Has any seen an indepth review of the JVC HD-(56 or 61 or 70)FH96 sets?Will it be in the February issue mentioned above?Best Regards,Keith

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Please reply, I need help. I will be eventually be in the market for a wide screen tv. One tv that I'm interested in is the: KDS-R60XBR1 Sony, However in your article you stated that the color isn't accurate, are you able to adjust this? If not will Sony come out with another model for next year. Is there other LCOS tv's that are colore accurate? Also, you metnion I lacks a 1080P input, but the specs on the TV says its a 1080P tv, that is conflicting. I thought HDMI accepts 1080i, and 1080P. Sony said they are still working out the copy proctection. with this tv are you able to update to 1080P later down the road? which is conficting since the specs on Sony's website says its 1080p Please clarify. I want to get a tv that I won't have to change out because picture technology, If you recommend a tv that is better please let me know, or that will come out soon.I don't care so much on the thinness, I have heard FUJITSU is coming out with a tv that is like 1" thick. Thanks, Mark Etter

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The color isn't accurate, nor can it be adjusted. That doesn't mean it doesn't look good. It's inputs won't accept 1080p. Only one brand of TVs at the moment actually does, and that's HP.

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Well Geoff you have your hands full with ever changing technology. I too am in the market for a RPTV and really like the new Sony. I wish they made the speakers detachable though. I also looked at the new 1080 JVC in 2 locations. I noticed that the screen had a kind of sheen to looking at a pair of support pantie hose when the light hits it on an angle. I assume it is some effect from the way the screen is cut. I found it especially distracting on large areas of the same colour like the sky etc. I also noticed the JVC had an awful menu and its blacks were not as deep as the Sony. This was evident on a HD broadcast when a lady had on a herringbone tweed jacked and moved from a bright room to a dark room. The Sony displayed the pattern of the tweed the JVC was just black. So I assume the Sony could do more shades of grey? Anyway it sure is confusing for the consumer and we all rely a lot on your insight and honest views.John

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I have viewed 7 different KDS-R60XBR1 sets. I consistently see red and green lines at the edges of white or light color images or text. If I call up a menu item on the TV (this uses it own generated image and is stable enough to examine the problem), I consistently see red (or cyan) lines in the white blocked text and parellel to the edges on the right and bottom (or top?)of a letter and green on the left and top (or bottom?) of a letter. The same effect is visiblly noticable on video text or images (of any source) where there are large expanses of white or light colored images (i.e., yellow) with straight edges. It is probably less noticeable on dark images or text. On one set the red and green lines were outside the text and appeared as dark lines parallel to the outside edges of the blocked text. It appears to be a convergence or artifact problem. Do you know what it is or if there is a corrective solution? For all the rave reviews the TV gets I don't understand why no one else has noticed or mentioned it

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Thanks for the review, it helped me decide on getting the 50" SXRD last week and since then I can't stop watching it. I love it.Got a question though: you mentioned that 1080P souces will be 24 frames and that a good 3:2 pulldown will on a 1080i TV (like this one) will balance the playing field between the true 1080p tv's. Can you please explain the theory behind this or point me to an info source. I'd love to learn more about this.

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Hi tony my name is peter and i was wondering just because this tv does not have a 1080p direvt output does this mean it wont max out the ps3 if i connect it to this tv Thank you

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Hi tony i need help so please help me, i was wondering just because this tv does not have a 1080p direct input does this mean it wont max out the ps3 if i connect it to this tv because of the fact that the tv maxes out at 1080p Thank you

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Hi geoffrey i need help so please help me, i was wondering just because this tv does not have a 1080p direct input does this mean it wont max out the ps3 if i connect it to this tv because of the fact that the tv maxes out at 1080p Thank you sorry

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I too am very confused about the "doesn't accept 1080p" statement. This TV has 2 HDMI inputs (one of which I would use to connect my cable HDTV signal) - isn't that 1080p?

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Bear with me for one more question... when you say "like the other 1080p displays we've reviewed, this one doesn't accept a 1080p signal", exactly how can they be called 1080p if you can't get ANY 1080p signals into the TV?! I'm totally perplexed now - even after reading your review several times. I'm a nuclear engineer so your help in sorting this out will help keep me from feeling dull here.Thanks!

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For those of you a little confused about the 1080p display--what it is, is that the TV actually upconverts all the resolutions it receives to 1080p. This does make a difference in perceived picture quality. It makes standard 480i broadcast signals look much better. But when you see an HDTV over the air signal being broadcast at 1080i upconverted to 1080p the realism is better than any TV picture I've ever seen. And of course right now there aren't very many 1080p sources to be found.

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