Sony KDS-50A2000 RPTV: Coming Attraction

  • $2,499
  • 50" three-chip SXRD
  • 1920x1080
  • Key Connections: Dual HDMI and component inputs, one VGA computer input
Features We Like Full three-chip design with native 1080p resolution, dynamic iris for deep blacks, WEGA Engine video processing with DRC

Sony lit up the AV world and redefined microdisplay RPTV performance with its first generation of SXRD sets. These three-chip, full 1080p sets featured a dynamic iris for blacks and contrast that were good enough to finally bury the "yeah, but it's no CRT" comments for good. The new sets feature the latest generation SXRD chips, and the very latest and greatest refinements in video processing from Sony. But perhaps best of all, these new SXRD displays are significantly lower in price, and if the performance has been retained these sets will be a shocking value.