So Cool It's Hot

Everyone wants a matched system, so how about some speakers to match your plasma? That’s right, plasma speakers. These puppies will really wow the neighbors. They’re not common, and the seller buries the most important sentence in the middle of the posting “Measurable amounts of O2 (ozone) are produced during operation.” Let’s not nitpick that ozone is actually O3. The next sentence is even better “Some people claim they are sensitive to this in the room, others find it fresh smelling or don’t notice it!” Yeah, until it kills you. Leave a door open, turn out the lights, and marvel at the pretty tweeters that make sound with "light." Get 'em while they're hot (literally).

P.S. Audio Technical Editor Mark Peterson, who found this listing, still wants a pair despite (because of?) the fact that they could also kill you by means of fire, compressed gas explosion, electrocution and the possibility of crushing you if they fell over. Now that’s some serious audio gear.

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A friend had a pair of Prof. Hill

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