A Site to See

If you checked into our website this week (and of course you did, or you wouldn't be reading this!) you've noticed a whole new look. Access to you favorite sections will be easier, thanks to a more detailed top line. Loading time—we anticipate—will be faster. And, most important—there's a whole new layer of content.

"On the Rack" lists the products we have on hand in various stages of review, plus the products we expect to receive soon. Some of these reviews are imminent, others several weeks down the road. Unlike many publications, our review process is thorough, and that takes time. We live with the product not for hours but for weeks, sometimes months, to see if our initial impressions hold up over time.

You already know about our blogs, of course, that's why you're here. Keep up with Michael, Fred, Joel, and me as we continue to dodge traffic in the AV fast lane.

We'll also be adding more coverage of new products to our news features. If it's new and exciting, we want you to read about it here first.

Our new Platinum and Gold Lists show the equipment that got our reviewers juices flowing the most in the past year or two. But these lists definitely do not include all of the products we recommend. Instead, they feature the gear that was hardest to get out of our systems—pun intended. Both of these lists will be limited, and to keep them that way will be scaled down significantly at the beginning of each year to make room for new challengers.

Are they the best products for you? Perhaps, but there are hundreds of other good products out there; many of them have been favorably reviewed in UAV. The best products for you are the products that fit your individual needs and get your pulse racing.

Finally, in our new "Industry Voice" section, manufacturers, tech gurus, and other industry experts comment on the new products, ideas, concepts, and technology that make the consumer electronics landscape one of the most exciting and dynamic around. Just as important, we invite your feedback on what they have to say.

Expert reviews, blogs, insider information, hot products, reader feedback—it's all designed to make www.ultimateAVmag.com the site you visit first. Come back often; we don't sit still.