Sim2 Rolls out the Red Carpet

Those who want to equip their home theater with the best performance and service money can buy might want to take another look at SIM2. The company’s latest version of its HT5000E three-chip DLP projector combines reference-quality performance with unexpectedly personal service. The projector promises high-end image quality with the latest DLP chipsets from Texas Instruments. It includes three 0.95-inch DarkChip4 DMDs that work to display clear, uncompressed 1080p material.

In an effort to set itself apart from the rest, SIM2 also offers VIP white glove service to HT5000E buyers. Once you have the projector in your home, your dealer will schedule a visit with a SIM2 technician to certify the install and make whatever final technical adjustments are needed.

With all of those perks, the HT5000E doesn’t come at a cheap price tag. The projector itself is priced at $57,995, while its six lens options are each priced at $7,995. But for VIP service and quality craftsmanship, it doesn’t get much better than this.