Shure Announces Exciting New Cable Lineup for Wireless Earphones

With so many companies making big announcements, Shure is going low-key with an announcement about a new line of detachable cable options for their wireless earphones. It doesn’t seem like much to get excited about, but it actually is.

Work with me here, it’s a bit complicated.  Yes, we’re talking about cables for wireless Bluetooth earphones - the cable that goes between the two earphones. Shure came out years ago with detachable cables, recognizing that the weakest point structurally in most earphones is the cable connection.  By making them detachable, they could be replaced if/when damaged.  Nowadays, they can also be replaced when they’ve become obsolete.

The new universal 3.5mm cable has a built-in mic and a three-button remote that can switch from iOS to Android. Another cable will be available shortly for Android with the new USB-C connection. This cable is the one to be excited about. It has an integrated DAC and headphone amp and can support 24-bit/96kHz audio files.

Shure’s earphone lineup will include these new detachable cable options. The SE425 is a dual-driver earphone is available for $299 and the SE535 is the triple-driver earphone for $499. The new SE846 is a four-driver design and will be available in clear, bronze, black or blue for $999. It with come with two connection options - a Bluetooth cable for wireless connections and a universal cable that is compatible with Apple or Android.

All of these options will be available in Spring, 2018.