Sharp XV-Z2000 DLP HDTV Front Projector Page 3

PLUS •Least expensive high-def DLP front projector. •Crisp detail with 720p HDTV and progressive-scan DVD. •Bright, high-contrast picture.

MINUS •Slightly soft picture with 1080i HDTV. •Poor video processing of standard 480i. •No color control for DVI input. •Remote control not backlit.

in the lab Color temperature (6500K color temperature and Eco lamp mode before/after calibration) Low window (20-IRE).....6,522/6,540 K High window (100-IRE).....6,752/6,533 K Brightness (100-IRE window before/after calibration).....20.3/20.0 ftL

With its 6500K color-temperature preset, the Sharp XV-Z2000 showed a slight green deficiency but otherwise measured close to the 6,500-K standard at the high and low ends of its grayscale. After calibration using the picture menu's red and blue controls, grayscale tracking was ±100 K - excellent performance - and peak brightness measured an impressive 20 ftL. (Calibration should be performed by a qualified technician, so discuss it with your dealer before purchase, or call the Imaging Science Foundation at 561-997-9073.)

Picture overscan was 2% with the DVI input. Color-decoder test patterns showed a -10% green depression with DVI, which made colors look slightly pale, and a +10% red push with component-video connections. Colors also looked less vivid when color saturation was decreased to compensate for the component input's red push.

The Sharp was able to resolve the full detail in a 720p-format resolution test pattern through its DVI input, but not via component-video. With the sharpness control set to 0 (midpoint), slight edge enhancement was visible on both test patterns and regular programs when I used the component-video connection.