Sharp QuadPixel

Sharp unveiled its new LCD lineup, which uses a new technology called UV2A (UltraViolet-induced multi-domain Vertical Alignment) in what are dubbed X-Gen panels, which reduce light leakage for deeper blacks and increase the aperture for brighter whites. But the biggest news at the press conference was Sharp's QuadPixel technology, which adds yellow subpixels to red, green, and blue to expand the color gamut beyond the HDTV spec—not a good idea in my book.

The flagship LE920 line shown here is only 1.6 inches thick using LED edge-lighting, and it will be available in May with screen sizes of 52, 60, and 68 inches—a first for Sharp—at $3600, $5000, and $6500, respectively. Not shown in the photo is a model from last year with the same image, and by comparison, both Tom Norton and I thought the color of the new sets looked incorrect, especially pictures of brass instruments like a saxophone.

Interestingly, Sharp had little to say about 3D. Apparently, there's a prototype 3D demo in its booth, but that puts the company a bit behind the curve.