Samsung Goes Wide

I tried to get a glimpse of Samsung’s curved 105-inch 2.35:1 widescreen TV on the show floor, but in the Samsung booth was packed and the area around the set inaccessible. But I got a later look at a closed-room Samsung demo. On the left here, to provide a size perspective, is Samsung’s Mike Wood—a one-time regular at Home Theater who has now forsaken balmy Southern California for the cold, windswept snowdrifts of the Garden State, where Samsung has its U.S. headquarters. On the right is current Sound & Vision editor in chief Rob Sabin.

railcadd's picture

Would anyone seriously think about buying a LED that has this Aspect Ratio when ALL TV Broadcasting content is in a larger Aspect Ratio that fills the whole screen. Plus most DVD and Bluray movies are now formatted in the Larger screen Aspect Ratio! Come on Samsung get your act together in the R&D dept. Oh! I nearly forgot this Curved screen rubbish! What Next?