Samsung Focuses on Gigantic Screens with New 83-Inch 4K OLED TV

Screens keep getting bigger at Samsung. The world’s top TV maker today added a new 83-inch screen size to its S90C series of 4K OLED TVs.

The introduction follows last month’s surprise announcement that a gargantuan 98-inch screen size had been added to the brand’s Q80C Series of LCD-based QLED TVs featuring quantum dot technology.

Sporting a sleek “bezel-free” screen that stretches 6 feet across, the 83S90C becomes the largest screen in a series that also offers 55-, 65-, and 77-inch sizes at $1,900, $3,300, and $3,600, respectively (all currently discounted on The new model is priced at $5,400 and available for shipping now; the S90C series to which it belongs is one step down from Samsung’s pricier S95C series of QD-OLED TVs, which incorporates quantum dot technology to increase brightness and enhance color.

Samsung informed us that the 83S90C is, technically speaking, a White OLED (WOLED) display.

At the heart of the TV is Samsung’s AI-powered Neural Quantum Processor, which upscales all incoming content to 4K resolution regardless of the source while enhancing image quality scene by scene. The set also features AI-driven Quantum HDR OLED processing, which also analyzes each scene to fine-tune brightness and optimize contrast.

The TV provides a full suite of connected features through the TV Plus platform for video on demand and access to hundreds of free-ad-supported channels. Samsung’s Gaming Hub expands content options for gaming with or without a console, providing easy access to upwards of 3,000 games and supporting 4K up to 120 Hz for lag-free gameplay with Game Motion Plus for “virtually eliminating lag and motion blur up to 144 Hz” with compatible PC content. A built-in voice assistant makes it easier to adjust volume and search for content.

On the audio side, the 83S90C boasts Dolby Atmos sound with Object Tracking Sound Lite, which reacts dynamically to the position of sounds to deliver an enhanced 3D experience. When paired with a Samsung Q-Series or S-Series soundbar, the TV’s sound system becomes integrated with the soundbar for a richer experience.

The TV includes a battery-free remote control that charges using artificial or natural light year and ships with both a matching stand and a flush-fit wall mounting kit. For more information, visit