Samsung Demos High Dynamic Range TVs with Quantum Dot Tech

Samsung was featuring its flagship 9500 series, dubbed S UHDTVs. There will be two sizes (65- and 88-inches) with initial availability said to be coming in February. No prices were announced. They’re both High Dynamic Range designs with full backlit local dimming, though significant HDR programming may not be available until later in the year.

The backlighting uses Samsung’s Nanocrystal technology, a proprietary version of quantum dots. While these sets were showing on the main show floor, we were invited to a press demonstration in a private room that compared the S UHDTVs with roughly equivalent standard LCD-LED designs. The sets in this room had been expertly calibrated, so the comparison was precise and revealing. The images on the HDR sets were spectacular. And according to Samsung’s reps, the sets will be capable of HDCP 2.2, HDMI 2.0, HEVC, HDR, and will pass DCI and 10-bit color (when those features are available in 4K consume sources, which at present they are not).

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Something seems to be wrong with the pictured television. Was it dropped while being removed from a truck and its frame bent?