Samson Jumps From the Professional Studio to the Consumer

Samson is known in the studio world and educational forums as a supplier of good, solid, reliable headphones. At CES 2016, they’re showing off a new line of headphones that cater to both the artist and the end-user.

Samson is introducing the Z55 (MSRP: $200) and the Z45 (MSRP: $150) at CES. They share a lot of features. Both have extremely soft lambskin cushioning that make them really comfortable for long hours in the studio or for appointment listening sessions. They both collapse down for easy transport. They come with an assortment of cables, and this is where their professional heritage comes into play. The Z55 comes with an 8-foot cable, a coiled cable that expands to 10 feet, and a shorter 4-foot cable with audio controls and a microphone for mobile connections. The Z45 only comes with the 8-foot and coiled cable.

The Z55 has a 45mm driver, and it is tuned for a more flat, reference response. The Z45 has a 40mm driver, and Samson claims it’s tuned with a warmer midrange. I got a chance to listen and felt it had a sterile sound with very little coloration.

Both models will be available by the end of this month.