Review: So-Na-Wall SonaPod Speakers Page 5



In my large home theater, the So-Na-Wall sPodak system added an appealing ambience without any real downsides. I think it's a great accessory especially for larger home theaters, where an extra dollop of sonic excitement is always desired but not always delivered.

Paired with the ST-100 subwoofer, the SonaPods don't replace a good conventional stereo system, but they could certainly replace a set of ceiling speakers - especially in apartments and condos where cutting holes in the ceiling probably isn't an option.

The SonaPod reminds me of a pair of angled needlenose pliers. It's not a product that suits every need, but in the right place it can do amazing things.


  • SonaPod ($299/pair): 1-in driver; 2[1/2] x 2[1/2] x 3 in

  • ST-100 subwoofer ($599): 6.8-in woofer; 17 x 10 x 8[1/4] in

  • sPodak UW-200 package ($349)