Revel Introduces Concerta2 Loudspeaker Line

The Revel Concerta line was introduced to the world in 2005 (if memory serves) as the “budget” Revel loudspeaker range, Now comes the Concerta2. Unlike the original Performas, which were finished in vinyl, the Concerta2s are available in either gloss white or gloss black.

The line consists of two floorstanders (the F306 at $2000/pair shown in the photo and the smaller F305 at $1500/pair), the C205 two-way center at $750 (unlike the original Concertas, there is no 3-way center available—to get such a design from Revel now you have to move up to the Performa3 line), the M106 bookshelf at $900/pair, an on-wall 2-way (price TBD, as the model shown was flat black and dealers expressed a preference for gloss black which will be more expensive to produce), and the B10 subwoofer at $1500.

But don’t start lining up for them at your Revel dealer just yet. The Concerta2 range will not be available until fall of this year.