Raumfeld Stereo M Brings Hi-Res Quality to Wireless Speakers

The audio world has recently faced a dichotomy that seems to force listeners to choose between wireless convenience or good sound quality. Thankfully, German manufacturer Raumfeld has produced a line of speakers and receivers that blend Hi-Res Audio with wireless ease.

There’s a full lineup of speakers from small speaker cubes to full floor-standing models. Sitting pretty in the middle of that lineup is the Stereo M. These large bookshelf speakers will retail for $1399/pair and they feature a coaxial tweeter and mid-range driver with a 5.5” subwoofer all powered by a 320-watt amplifier.

What sets these speakers apart from most is that they support WiFi streaming audio signals - up to 24-bit/192kHz. It has inputs for RCA, USB and Ethernet. They are sold as a pair, with the master speaker weighing 24.3 lbs and the slave weighing at 22 lbs. They’re available in matte black or silk white lacquer.

Multiple speaker pairs can be set up within a house with the ability to stream from multiple sources simultaneously. Raumfeld has a WiFi expander and wireless connector to convert any system into a Hi-Res system supporting sampling rates up to 192kHz. Of course, you can control it all via the Raumfeld App.

It was quite refreshing to see the Raumfeld high-quality wireless stereo speaker pairs in a sea of Bluetooth mediocrity.